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I worked for Godaddy in their hosting department and at first it was not so bad. As time went by, it became obvious that our goal was to fill clients credit cards with junk. The Godaddy servers are the slowest I’ve ever seen and their databases were so slow the customer’s connection would always time out. It got really bad when I learned that most of what I was trying to fix was impaired on purpose just to get people to call in so we can up sell them.

After hosting my ecommerce site with Godaddy for 4 years I’m dumping them. I’ve been experiencing site outages due to overloaded database servers, lost email, and overall just bad service and support.

Sure GoDaddy is cheap, but if you plan on growing your ecommerce business, you’d be better off with a legit host like Network Solutions.

Perl. This site isn’t terrible, and degrades well enough without CSS enabled, but it still uses tables for layout and is built for the tiniest of resolutions. I think updating the underlying code (no tables), fixing some of their type, wrapping the page content in a centered container and making the whole site even 100 px wider would help. I doubt they’re going to change the camel. Of these three possibilities, I’m leaning toward this.

Apache/. I think the problem with a lot of open source sites is that they embrace “default” styling (blue underlined links, bulleted lists, white background), probably to show how “geek” they are. Apache’s main page is a good example of this, but some of the sub-projects are pretty decent. It’d be interesting, and probably beyond the scope of what could be accomplished in this class, to apply one identity across all of the apache sub-projects. Realistically though, updating the main Apache page or one of the more horrible sub-project pages would be a possibility.

Linux. Here’s another gem. This page is littered with mid-90s web weirdness. Where are these colors coming from? Check out the random centering and mixed bold/serif/sans. The possibility of getting them to change it is slim to none, but… maybe.

I’ve gone through part of the Django tutorial. I installed the latest copy of Django, Python, and MySQL on my desktop (windows environment) and followed the tutorial through the first three sections. I’ve started to become familiar with the data models and the admin interface.

At the moment I am liking Django’s admin interface that is created by default a little bit more than the scaffolding that can be used with Ruby on Rails. As far as compairing Ruby and Python I still don’t know enough about either language to make a decision.

More to come.


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